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MessageSujet: Twitter chat 4th november 2012 Twitter chat 4th november 2012 EmptyJeu 15 Nov - 11:00
Sandy Speleers
Do you get recognized on the streets and called "Jimmy" instead of Ed?
I've been spotted a couple of times but no not called "Jimmy"

Was it tough for you joining the cast knowing it was such a successful and popular show?
My focus has been getting the character right - it's been a healthy distraction from the outside pressures

What's the best thing about working on Downton Abbey?
7 months of guaranteed work!

Funniest on set moment?
week 1 - dropped a whole tray of china. Rob James Collier: "Three years and I've never done that!"

What is your favorite element from the era in which Downton Abbey is set?
20s - the way people communicate with each other - respectful -- letters etc, we don't do that anymore

What's the best advice for someone who wants to act and achieve but hasn't a clue in starting?
try and get yourself involved in school plays, read as much as you can, and try and get some sort of qualification behind you
when I say qualification - even a university degree not necessarily related to acting

How did you research for this part?
I did a trip to yorkshire, research on WW1, found some music for my character. & practiced my accent w/ a great dialect coach

How much have you learned about British or World History since being part of the cast?
learnt a great - plenty of cups of tea with Alistair Bruce (historical advisor aka the oracle!)

Ma question :
If you could play any other character in Downton, who would you pick?
Miss O'Brien - but it's played by a top class actress & I know I could never do the character justice!

Do you watch the new episodes to see how it turned out in the end?
I do watch them. I find the scenes I'm not involved in most interesting - it's nice to see them brought to life

When you're on the set do you feel like you're in another age/era or is it "just work"?
once you step in to the costume and on to the set it feels very real. it's important so not to fake it.

If you could say one thing to Carson without getting into trouble, what would you say, in character?
on your bike son, I'm butler now!

Is there an acting role you'd wish to play on the telly or big screen?
I'm looking for characters that will really push my limits now... very diff roles to ones I've played already

What other projects do you have coming up?
LoveBite is my next film - out Nov 9! It's a comedy horror about 4 young lads eager to get laid in order to stay alive.

If you hadn't been an actor, what would you have been?
I would have pursued a career @SpursOfficial but probably wouldn't have gotten better than a Sunday league side

Would you wish to live as part of the upstairs or downstairs, if you were born then?
I would have remained as a footman. Upstairs = more money, more problems

Who are you closest to on set?
Matt Milne (Alfred) I'm closest with - whether he'd like to admit it or not

Which two characters would be the most unlikely couple?
Daisy & The Dowager

How was it for you to shoot the show in this incredible setting?
lol the Ealing backlot is lovely! When I'm allowed out of my cage to Highclere, it's very special

What's your favorite room in Highclere castle?
the library. I've never filmed there though. very rich. real throw back to the period

Is your costume uncomfortable? Starched shirts etc!
Some days it's comfortable. Some days not. I've had big red marks on my neck from where the collar has been rubbing

Who on set plays the most pranks?
the biggest wind-ups are Brendan & Rob!

Twitter chat 4th november 2012 Je6f
And maybe you one day ?
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Sandy Speleers
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Speleers Expert
Speleers Expert
Twitter chat 4th november 2012
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