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MessageSujet: FORUM RULES FORUM RULES EmptyJeu 18 Mai - 22:01
Sandy Speleers


Les règles à lire attentivement et à respecter


We are a community of different people, with different points of view... We then ask you to make an effort to understand, to respect and to be kind. We got a team to help you : Administrators, moderators... They are here to help and also to make sure you respect rulesand to make sure that everything goes well on board.


As soon as you read those rules and signed them, we ask you to introduce yourself. the FORMULAIRE is MANDATORY! The one who refuse to use this formulaire, won't be validated! We don't ask you for the impossible and you are not suppose to answer what you don't want to, but use it at all times!


Every member MUST HAVE an avatar to be validated! Because of the codage in use in the profile, it must OBSOLUTELY BE 200x320 - nothing more, nothing less!

About the signature, nithing in particular. You can choose any dimension as soon as it don't take too much space. You can use SPOILER option to condense.


When you send on board, pay attention, in some sections, you must centralise your messages for them to be submitted to an inspection from administrators or moderators - for example : all Edward informations, must be verified before to be validated and moved - Ed Speleers Addicts is famous for its informations. You must know that Ed and his staff follow our work.

Don't hesitate to use "Editer" bottom to change a message, to avoid double posts!

Colours are FORBIDDEN in titles for your subjects (restricted to staff) and RED colour in the body of your message is also FORBIDDEN, that's the colour of the moderation. But you can use any other colours.


That's badly necessary for the good stand of the forum and to help and lead members. We ask you then to respect our Moderators and Administrators to ans also to respect their job. Don't take personal any remark, they can be sometimes justified. That could lead you sadly to a sanction.


As soon as everyone live in a good mood all together, you don't have to fear any diciplinary. But ALL repeated infractions to the rules or any other respect issues with the staff or member will be punished.

Diciplinaries are following in order :

*MP to give information
*2nd warning and temporary closure of your mail box (1 week)
*Banishment for 1 week with no access to your mail box
*Banishment for a month with no access to your mail box
*Banishment with no return and IP blockage.


We exclude all kind of adverts by PM! Members who recieve advert by PM will have to tell our staff an the one who did it will be banished for a week with no warning!


If you got spaces and you'd like to be our partner (logo trading - or mini-banner). You can make a demand with the formulaire - MANDATORY. Your demand wil be studied before to be accepted or refused.


Some informations or photos are exclusivitie from Ed Speleers Addicts. You MUST let the copyright ABSOLUTELY!! And for informations, You will HAVE to QUOTE Ed Speleers Addicts into linking the forum. All people taken to send informations or photos without COPYRIGHT OR LINK will be banished FOEVER from Ed Speleers Addicts!


We got a reserved access for the real Addicts - Fanclub, who just start. Everyone is welcome, even if your not a member of this forum!

Different competitions will be organised ans also different projects. But careful! We will wait to have enough members to proceed!

You can make your suscribtion to the numbered card who will be personalised and will be used someday, when we will organise events for example.

Fanclub is not a part of the present rules, except for a point : respect! Member who refuse to respect other fans will have no rights and his card will be suspended temporary or permanently!


As soon as you finish to read those rules, you have to go for your introduction like quoted above. Don't forget your avatar and if you want to, a signature... You can then be validated and to enjoy fully the forum. Good navigation to you and good participation!


And maybe you one day ?
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Sandy Speleers
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Speleers Expert
Speleers Expert
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